Insights on the raw materials supply and prospect
To meet the challenges caused by an increased, continuous demand for sustainably sourced raw materials, reduced access to natural resources and climate change, a shift towards a more resource efficient, circular economy and sustainable development is becoming more crucial than ever. Within this session the production and development of raw materials throughout the years and what to expect in the future were discussed. What do the countries from the ESEE region have to offer?

Europe’s raw materials challenge towards green transitionMark Rachovides – President, Euromines
Dynamics of the Greek raw materials’ sectorChristos Kavalopoulos – General Director, Greek Mining Enterprises Association
The intertemporal contribution of the Geological Survey of Greece to the exploration of mineral raw materialsKonstantinos Laskaridis – Director of Mineral Resources and Prospecting Department, Hellenic Survey of Geology and Mineral Exploitation (H.S.G.M.E.)
The raw materials contribution in the Greek economyNikolaos Vettas – General Director, Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) and Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Mineral resources in the western Balkan countriesUrša Šolc – Project Advisor at Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS)


Tackling the raw materials’ innovation potential towards green transition
Europe is confronted with several challenges along the entire raw materials value chain that is composed of exploration and management, extraction and harvesting, processing and refining, manufacturing, use and recycling as well as substitution. Yet, innovation in raw materials value chains remains untapped despite the sector’s great potential. Specific achievements were presented by highly innovative organisations from the RCG network, while additional innovation needs to meet the green transition were discussed.

PresentationConstantinos Papalucas – Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, Coordinator of the National Hydrogen Committee
PresentationGrigorios Paschalis – Innovation Director, Metallurgy Sector, Mytilinaios Group
PresentationPanagiotis Skiadas – Senior Sustainability Director, Viohalco
PresentationVictor Vdovin – Director of Mining, Hellas Gold
PresentationUrs Peuker – Full Professor for Particle Technology and Mineral Processing, TU Bergakademie Freiberg


Investment needs and opportunities
Investing opportunities in the raw materials value chain are more emerging than ever. Identify actual needs of RM sector and the dynamics of domestic investments from the demand’s side. European and regional investors discussed challenges and opportunities for raw materials investments in Greece and Cyprus, revealing the importance of raw materials’ sector to European investors.

Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou – Member of the European Parliament, European Union – CEO, EIT RawMaterials


This part was mostly addressed to young professionals and new entrepreneurs. Presentations and an open discussion took place on the skills and competencies required in the Raw Materials’ sector (human resources, start-ups) to tackle the needs of the green transition. HR representatives from companies, education experts from EIT RM and venture capital advisors presented their views on the topic.

How academia can equip the students with the necessary skills to adapt to the industries’ needsProf. Kaliampakos, Dean of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, NTUA
Education programs of EIT RM: Enhancing skills and competencies of professionals in the RM SectorAgata Poczmańska, Education Manager, EIT RawMaterials
Education programs of EIT RawMaterials, School of Mining and metallurgical engineeringKaterina Adam, Professor, Educational Advisor, EIT RawMaterials Hub – RIS Hub Greece
Opportunities available to support idea holders and start-ups in Greece (A. Tsakanikas)

Opportunities available to support idea holders and start-ups in Greece (N. Karali)

Aggelos Tsakanikas, Ass. Professor, Technology Transfer Office, NTUA

Niki Karali,
CIO Mantis – EIT RawMaterials RIS Incubator Greece