Not everything can be counted. Not everything counted counts.” Albert Einstein For the past 20 years Social License to Operate has become a predominant term in every discussion that corelates social discontent and mining activity, in a global level. Ernst & Young’s 2020 survey on top ten business risks has indicated SLO as the top risk for the mining sector, pointing out that the achievement of the sensitive balance between societal support and extractive operations is an ongoing procedure. Could this procedure progress to reaching a validated (intangible) contract between stakeholders and allow for a sustainable and positive development in project-affected areas? The European Green Deal has outlined the complex challenges Europe is facing on the way to carbon-neutrality and a zero-waste economy. The need to develop raw materials in a major strength for Europe, apart from being an Important driving force for facilitating economic growth and promoting green and sustainable development in the continent, carries a societal responsibility, as well, inextricably linked with environmental considerations, circularity and corporate credibility. EIT RawMaterials is at the forefront of this challenge with the Lighthouse Sustainable Discovery and Supply that aims to revitalise the European raw materials sector for primary and secondary mineral and metal resources by supporting strategic innovation in exploration, mining and processing via active engagement of industry, civil society, legislation and research. A clear objective of the Lighthouse is to actively engage in an open and transparent dialogue to emphasise the benefits of a strong raw materials sector in Europe with a Social License to Operate. The Greek RM ecosystem traditionally gives floor to meaningful dialogues and, in this scope, RIS Hub Greece is pleased to invite you to the 6th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue, scheduled to take place on- line. This year’s event is dedicated to Social License to Operate and has invited experts of the Greek and European RM community to offer their insights on this subject of high importance, aiming to support the building of a trustworthy bridge of communication with society. Date: 7-8 December 2021 Time: 10:00 – 15:00 EET The event will be held in English. Stay tuned for further updates!