Raw Materials Summit 2024 | Europe’s leading Raw Materials event


Mark your calendars for the 6th Raw Materials Summit in 2024, centered around Europe’s critical energy security and the transition towards clean energy.

🔍 Why it Matters:

With the raw materials market poised to double by 2040, the Summit addresses the pivotal role of raw materials in meeting the soaring demand for EVs, battery storage, and low-emission power generation.

📈 Key Focus Areas:

  • Ensuring Europe’s energy security
  • Navigating risks in raw materials supply chains
  • Addressing geopolitical tensions and energy price fluctuations
  • Exploring opportunities in the evolving defense landscape

🚀 What to Expect:

  • Industry leaders, stakeholders, and policymakers sharing insights
  • Delving into tangible implementations of the CRMA
  • Exploring Europe’s evolving international partnerships
  • Navigating changing permitting and investment landscapes

🌟 The Impact:

Expect a renewed focus on education, innovation, and skills-building to fortify Europe’s technological edge and foster a sustainable, resilient future for the raw materials sector.

📅 Save the Date:

Join us in Brussels, on the 14th – 16th of May, for the Raw Materials Summit 2024, a catalyst for collaboration and innovation towards a greener andeconomically viable future for the sector.

Find out more at the official Raw Materials Summit website: https://rawmaterialssummit.eu