EnAct-SDGs Project


EnAct-SDGs – Enhancing the skills of ESEE RM students towards the achievement of SDGs


EnAct-SDGs is a two year EIT Regional Innovation Scheme-RIS[1] Matchmaking and Networking project, funded by EIT RawMaterials, aiming to build a dynamic network of Universities, Research Institutes and Industry and Professionals,  and develop a roadmap to modernized education, increasing the capacity of East and SouthEast Europe (ESEE)[2] University graduates and Raw Materials (RM) professionals.


The main goal of the EnAct-SDGs Project is to build a dynamic, self-sustained eco-system and network between the Academia, Researchers, Industry and Professionals of the Raw Materials sector and develop an Action Plan that will act as a driver to:

  • modernize the Raw Materials University education practices
  • ensure the incorporation of the Sustainable Development principles in the educational programs of the ESEE Universities
  • strengthen the skills and increase the capacity of Raw Material University graduates and Raw Materials professionals

The project objectives are:

  • to build a dynamic self-sustained network between the Industry, Academia, Researchers and Professionals of the Raw Materials sector;
  • initially assess the existing Educational programs of the participating ESEE Universities;
  • take into account the needs and views of the stakeholders from the Raw Materials network, Policy makers and NGOs;
  • identify the areas that need improvement;
  • propose a road map for the modernization of the educational programs of the Beneficiary Universities that could be then transferred as a Best practice to other Universities of the ESEE Region;
  • organize pilot activities for the implementation of the new proposals



EnAct-SDGs Partners include 8 EIT RawMaterials Partners:

and 2 RIS Task Partners:

EnAct-SDGs partners include 3 ESEE Universities (NTUA, AGH and TUKE), 3 Knowledge provider Universities (TUBAF, MUL and Uni-Trento), 1 Research Organisation (HIT) one Industrial Partner (MYTILINEOS), and two RIS Task Partners (Employers’ Organization of Polish Copper – Poland, and the National Technology Platform for Research, Development and Innovation of Raw Material – Slovakia), representing 6 countries across Europe.

Contact: enactsdgs@metal.ntua.gr

[1] RIS: EIT Regional Innovation Scheme

[2] ESEE: East and South East Europe


For more information and news, please visit the official website of the EnAct-SDGs project