NTUA in a strong European University Alliance


EIT RawMaterials HUB – Regional Centre Greece is thrilled to announce that the National Technical University of Athens has reached a remarkable milestone by formally joining the European University Alliance, EULiST. This achievement has been further enhanced by the grant of 14.3 million euros awarded to the Alliance by the European Commission, showcasing the value and potential of NTUA’s participation.

EULiST, skillfully coordinated by Leibniz University Hannover, brings together an esteemed consortium of universities from diverse European nations, encompassing Austria, Finland, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, and Italy. The collaborative endeavors of these institutions are focused on fostering a potent synergy between society and technology.

EULiST emphasizes the promotion of cooperation, multiculturalism, and active engagement with social partners. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of its member universities, the Alliance strives to establish a robust European University Community that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas. As an integral part of this visionary initiative, NTUA is positioned to fortify its outreach and internationalization strategy, thereby solidifying its position as a premier institution within the European Higher Education Area.

Having successfully hosted the EULiST General Assembly, NTUA facilitated fruitful dialogues among representatives from all ten universities, encompassing key areas such as challenge-based learning, internships, collaborative research, and engagement with social partners. Prof. Katerina Adam, from the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, demonstrated exceptional leadership in coordinating a diverse team of over 50 members. Distinguished contributors included Prof. Sotiris Karellas (School of Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Efi Dimopoulou (School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering), Assoc. Prof. Ioanna Roussaki (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Antonia Lampropoulou (International Relations Department), Katerina Makrinou (Rector’s Office), and Yiannis Tzigounakis (School of Chemical Engineering).

Regional Centre Greece is delighted to announce this achievement of NTUA within the EULiST Alliance. The success and the accompanying grant from the European Commission reaffirm the university’s unwavering commitment to excellence, visionary leadership, and collaborative pursuits in driving innovation, knowledge exchange, and social impact. This accomplishment signifies a momentous milestone for NTUA, presenting numerous opportunities and challenges on its ongoing journey alongside esteemed partners within the EULiST Alliance.

Photos from the EULiST General Assembly in the gallery below: