RawMatCop Academy Presents Copernicus for Raw Materials Courses


Introducing RawMatCop Academy’s cutting-edge courses focusing on Copernicus for Raw Materials. These comprehensive programs, endorsed by the European Federation of Geologists, empower participants to leverage Copernicus for diverse applications within Raw Materials management.

Course Highlights: Experience immersive learning directly involving Copernicus Sentinel satellite data. RawMatCop Academy offers practical training to apply this data effectively across the key areas, as follows:

  1. Sustainable Resource Management: Learn to secure Primary and Secondary Mineral Resources, contributing to the transition to a circular economy.
  2. Environmental Monitoring and Safety: Utilize Copernicus data to monitor environmental impact and enhance safety protocols.

About Copernicus: Copernicus Earth Observation Programme, a European Union initiative providing open access to ‘Sentinels’ satellite data, is at the focal point. This enables real-time insights throughout the Raw Materials lifecycle, contributing to responsible resource management.

Target Audience: Designed for entrepreneurs, industry professionals in exploration, mining, and processing, as well as geoscientists, researchers, and students in Raw Materials fields. Also suitable for Remote Sensing practitioners interested in Raw Materials applications.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your skills and drive positive change. Enroll in RawMatCop Academy’s Copernicus courses now. For details and registration, visit the official website: https://rawmatcop.eitrawmaterials.eu/