RISBRIEFCASE – Call for RIS Task Partners application 2023


RISBRIEFCASE Call for RIS Task Partners applications 2023 will be open from 15 April 2023 till 15 June 2023.  

EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub Greece is pleased to announce the  RISBRIEFCASE Call for RIS Task Partners applications 2023.

RISBRIEFCASE, funded by the EIT RawMaterials and the European Commission, is a two-year project running from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2024. It is is coordinated by the Gomez Pardo Foundation while the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens is one of the Project Partners.

The project’s goal is to raise awareness about the importance of raw materials in our daily lives, inspiring and encouraging pupils aged 6 to 14 years to follow a career in the sector and addressing the possible societal conflicts, resulting from mining and metallurgical operations. So far, innovative tools have been developed to educate the audience on various aspects such as sustainability, social license, climate change, and recycling practices.

This call for applications is dedicated to:

  1. Associations / Chambers related to the raw materials sector;
  2. Museums / Educative centers;
  3. Raw Materials Industry;
  4. Universities with academics and/or research in the field of raw materials;
  5. Research Institutes / Organizations active in the field of raw materials;
  6. Other stakeholders contributing to the raw materials sector, such as NGOs commited to the raw materials/ science knowledge diffusion.

Key dates and timeline, are listed below:

  • 15 April 2023: Call for Task Partners
  • 15 June 2023: Proposal registration deadline
  • 16 June to 1 July 2023: Evaluation of proposals
  • 4 July 2023: TP Selection and communication

For more information visit Project’s website: http://briefcase.eitrawmaterials.eu/.

Check out the link to the call text.