7th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue


EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub Greece is pleased to announce the organization of the 7th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue, scheduled to take place in hybrid mode, in Royal Olympic Hotel, on November 22& 23, 2022, titled:

“The challenge of raw materials supply in the green transition era”

The security of raw materials supply has always been a challenge for Europe that is intensified due to the recent geopolitical developments and poses a serious threat on the progress of green transition.

Ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials, in particular of critical raw materials needed for clean technologies, digital applications and mobility sector, by diversifying supply from both primary and secondary sources, is therefore one of the pre-requisites to make this transition happen.

Europe’s new growth strategy – European Green Deal, is set to transform the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, making it climate neutral by 2050 by boosting the economy through green technology, creating sustainable industry and transport, and minimizing pollution. Europe’s plans for producing clean energy technologies and ambitious climate change targets, will require significantly increased amounts of raw materials, whereas the supply gap the EU faces in securing the raw materials needed to achieve its climate goals is evident. New sustainable mining projects require significant investment and Europe must act now in order to secure access to these materials in an increasingly competitive global market place.

Raw materials will be at the center of decarbonization efforts and electrification of the economy as we move from fossil fuels to wind and solar power generation, battery- and fuel-cell-based electric vehicles (EVs), and hydrogen production. No matter which decarbonization pathway we follow, there will be fundamental Raw Materials demand shifts—and these will change the sector as we know it.

Within this frame, this year the Greek Raw Material Community Dialogue, a well-established annual event successfully organized by the RIS Hub Greece (RCG) of the EIT Raw Materials since 2016 that aims to bring together the industry, the governance, academia and research institutes of Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria with the EIT Raw Materials Community, addresses the major challenge of raw materials supply in green transition aiming to highlight the innovation potential of the sector and the investment needs and opportunities available.

In the 7th Greek Raw Material Community Dialogue, main questions to be addressed and discussed amongst the participants are:

  • Is it possible to secure the raw materials supply in Europe and open the way to green transition?
  • What are the necessary actions to achieve the green transition targets in a rapidly changing world?
  • What are the investment opportunities for the sector to support transitioning?


DAY 1:

Insights on the raw materials supply and prospect
To meet the challenges caused by an increased, continuous demand for sustainably sourced raw materials, reduced access to natural resources and climate change, a shift towards a more resource efficient, circular economy and sustainable development is becoming more crucial than ever. Within this session the production and development of raw materials throughout the years and what to expect in the future will be discussed. What do the countries from the ESEE region have to offer?

Tackling the raw materials’ innovation potential towards green transition
Europe is confronted with several challenges along the entire raw materials value chain that is composed of exploration and management, extraction and harvesting, processing and refining, manufacturing, use and recycling as well as substitution. Yet, innovation in raw materials value chains remains untapped despite the sector’s great potential. Specific achievements will be presented by highly innovative organisations from the RCG network, while additional innovation needs to meet the green transition will be discussed.

Investment needs and opportunities
Investing opportunities in the raw materials value chain are more emerging than ever. Identify actual needs of RM sector and the dynamics of domestic investments from the demand’s side. European and regional investors will discuss challenges and opportunities for raw materials investments in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, revealing the importance of raw materials’ sector to European investors.

DAY 2:

The importance of developing new skills and attracting new talent to be ready to support the needs of the green transition era is essential. Industries will have to upskill and reskill personnel to meet the demands of the new order of things. Young talent should be strongly motivated towards and academia be ready to equip them.

This part is mostly addressed to young professionals and new entrepreneurs. Presentations and an open discussion will take place on the skills and competencies required in the Raw Materials’ sector (human resources, start-ups) to tackle the needs of the green transition. HR representatives from companies, education experts from EIT RM and venture capital advisors will present their views on the topic.

Draft Agenda: Download here

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    Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022, 11:00 - 18:30

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    Wednesday, November 23rd , 2022, 9:30 - 13:00

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    Wednesday, November 23rd , 2022, 14:00 - 16:30

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