With the support of Aalto University, a member of the EIT RawMaterials Community, a session is designed for teachers who will be introduced to a top-down approach to designing and planning a university course, combining discipline specific elements with entrepreneurial and innovation elements.

The main point of the course is to help teachers create a positive student experience that supports learning of the selected entrepreneurial skills and competences, and that supports and enhances the learning of the discipline specific topics.

The entrepreneurial skills taught can be used in any work setting, be it a start-up, a big corporation, or a government organization looking to improve its performance. One of the strongest tools to develop and introduce entrepreneurial elements into courses is the use of small teacher teams and course co-design and co-teaching. Therefore, in the course, the participants will work as small, university-specific teams (min: 2 participants/university). The course has 2 parts. Part 1 is an intensive, 2-day training and course design session, held in Athens.  Part 2 is an optional but strongly recommended follow-up held 2-4 weeks after the course session.

Part 1 will cover the following topics:

Day 1, Wednesday, October 12th

  • Identifying the needs and local drivers for integrated courses: student, industry and university education views
  • Task: Description of the context of your course, external and internal drivers and challenges
  • Framing of a course: combining innovation and entrepreneurship with discipline specific topics
  • Task: Entrepreneurial framing of the course
  • Presentation: Pitching the course to university management

Day 2, Thursday, October 13th

  • Choosing entrepreneurial learning outcomes for the course
  • Task: Defining key discipline and supporting entrepreneurial learning outcomes for the course
  • Creating a course schedule
  • Task: Defining a course schedule for the course
  • Presentation: Pitching the course to students

Part 2 consists of feedback collection sessions at the university and a 1 hour online debrief session to discuss the feedback.

Main Requirements to join:

  • The course is mainly targeted at professors, lecturers, and teachers actively involved in university-level training and that planning to include entrepreneurial elements into their teaching. Moreover, persons involved in program and curriculum planning will benefit from participation.
  • Howehe course is also open to external stakeholders (such as industry representatives) interested in supporting the introduction of entrepreneurial thinking and teaching at the universities
  • Before joining the training in Athens, each team should choose a target course to be developed in the training. This can be either a new course or an existing course to be revised to become more entrepreneurial.
Date:12 – 13 October
Place:Museum of Mineralogy, School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, NTUA, Zografou Campus – 9 Heroon Polytechniou str. Zografou 15780, Athens, Greece
Draft Agenda:  Download here

The course will be held in English and for a limited number of trainees. Applications will be accepted by Oct 10th, 2022. Participation in the course does not require fees.

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